Mission Statement

In obedience to Matthew 25 (v.31-41), Trinity’s mission is to challenge both ourselves and our communities to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God through acts of mercy and justice, compassion and love, piety and intentional faith development.

Vision Statement

Make disciples for Jesus Christ, transform the community and world.  


Trinity United Methodist Church is called to give glory to God by making and engaging disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and the world.



Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit to:

  • radical hospitality
  • passionate worship
  • intentional faith development
  • risk-taking mission and service
  • extravagant generosity
The United Methodist Church is a 12.3-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens minds and open doors through active engagement with our world.  John Wesley and the early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action. This emphasis on what Wesley referred to as “practical divinity” has continued to be a hallmark of United Methodism today.
As a United Methodist congregation, we have an obligation to bear a faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ, the living reality at the center of the Church’s life and witness. To fulfill this obligation, we reflect critically on our biblical and theological inheritance, striving to express faithfully the witness we make in our own time. We believe that we are part of the universal church of God, we have been called to be followers of Jesus, people who, like Jesus, have been empowered to make a difference in the world.   
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